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Horizon Manufacturing, LLC is a small manufacturing firm located in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Originally founded to provide manufacturing and engineering services, we are now turning our attention to the design and manufacture of our own line of products. It is our belief that with enough technology, US manufacturing can thrive.

Mechanical design and fabrication

We have designed dozens of dynamic assemblies in sum consisting of thousands of parts. We maintain an in house cnc machine shop. We have handled jobs ranging from prototype fabrication through production runs qty 250.

Electronics design and assembly

We have developed solutions for analog signal conditioning, data acquisition electronics, embedded control systems, motor control and more. We have FPGA development experience. We have in house PCB design experience and SMT assembly equipment.


We have written software from deep embedded through 100+ kLOC desktop applications. We have experience in c/c++/assembler on x86, (ds)Pic and embedded MIPS. For large scale apps we prefer developing for the Linux platform in C++.

Recent Sample Work

Parts Produced (customer designs)

sticks image small sticks 2 image small nuts image small
sticks image small boxes image small short sticks small

Engineering projects (internal designs)

pump image small amp image small
A single acting metering piston pump 160VDC 5A stepping motor driver
designed for equipment retrofit